Fiberglass Pools


A Fiberglass Pool provides a one-piece, durable fiberglass pool shell with a premium gelcoat finish. Pre-molded construction allows the benefits of beautiful stair entries, bench seats, safety ridges, tanning ledges and more. With it's gelcoat finish, a non-porous surface material, water care is easier than ever.  


Beautiful Designs, 60 years of Experience 

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Benefits of Fiberglass

  • Low Maintenance ​​

With its gelcoat finish, a fiberglass pool does not require as much chemical maintenance as it's non-porous surface does not absorb oils, enzymes and chemical levels that require additional water care to adjust back to normal levels. This saves time and money, allowing you to enjoy your pool more. 

  • Smooth Pool Bottom

Instead of a concrete bottom or a pool krete bottom underneath a vinyl liner pool, again the gelcoat finish on the Fiberglass pool is factory installed as a one-piece, pre-molded shell. We install it onto our flat stone base and it's a durable, solid, smooth finish for a comfortable feel on your feet! 

  • No Liner Replacements or Acid Washing

Most Vinyl Liner Pools require a liner to be replaced every 7-12 years, depending on conditions and concrete pools need an acid wash at least every few years, adding to your overall cost of ownership. Fiberglass pools do not need to be re-surfaced or acid washed in any way, saving you money over time. 

  • Sanitizers & Chemicals effects 

With many consumers looking for better water, easier water care, we've seen an increase in options for water sanitizing. With Salt Systems being more common, Vinyl Liner pools with steel walls offer potential risk down the road of deterioration, and concrete pools can break down from excessive salt or chlorine levels. Fiberglass again being non-porous is designed to withstand some of these more harsh effects. 

  • Installation

As Fiberglass Pools are a one-piece manufactured product, once excavation is completed the shell is set into location, filled with water and back filled. This process is much more timely than a Vinyl Liner or Concrete pool, allowing you to swim and enjoy your pool sooner! 

  • Built in Steps & Benches

As the pool industry grows, more and more customization to pools happens. Most pools (of any type) today include steps, benches, deep water safety benches, tanning ledges, splash decks and other features that make your pool more enjoyable. Fiberglass Pools have the benefit of these all being manufactured items, a part of the one-piece shell construction, whereas a Vinyl liner has to be made to fit perfectly, with extra wear points and seams on the liner. The more shallow the water, the more sunlight and UV can affect the Vinyl, not a problem on the fiberglass products

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